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Easy Hello Kitty Sandwich Ideas

There are so many amazing Hello Kitty recipes on the web. Some are very elaborate in forms of bento and deco cakes, and some are simple like these adorable Hello Kitty Sandwiches featured below. I hope they make a great addition to your creative arsenal and hopefully surprise a few loved ones you send away each morning with lunch in hand… or yourself of course!

Bento Monster Eat Hello Kitty Sandwich Ideas

Source: Bento Monster

These Hello Kitty Sandwiches are a GREAT introduction to bento if you’re a newbie. Super approachable and extremely adorable.

Hello Kitty Sandwich Ideas

Source: Party Ideas By A Pro

These little dessert sandwiches are perfect for a Hello Kitty themed party or tea party at home. I want to make these! Such a cute and simple idea. Not all sandwiches need to be savory. Maybe little hazelnut chocolate spread and fresh, thinly sliced strawberries on yummy bread dusted with cocoa powder would be more appealing? I don’t see why not.

Hello Kitty Sandwich Ideas

Source: Instyle Fashion One

I need a Hello Kitty sandwich press like this in my life! I had one similar as a child, but without Hello Kitty on it. think of all the yummy warm sandwiches you could create to accompany your soup. I’m going to look into this for a future blog post and review it… much research is needed! I’m on it!

Hello Kitty Sandwich Ideas

Source: All Things For Sale

These Hello Kitty Mini Book Sandwiches are SUCH a super cute idea! Made with lunch meats and cheese, I’d love to receive something like this in my lunch box for sure. I was super impressed with how cute these are. I’d love to try these with vegetarian lunch meats for sure! 😀

I hope you enjoyed these adorable Hello Kitty Sandwiches and find some inspiration for a special lunch! I’d love to try each and every one of them and will definitely consider creating them at home to add to Eat Hello Kitty. I love this new blog and can’t wait to share more inspiration and my own creations on here!

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