Hello Kitty Milkshake Ideas

Hi Everyone! 

Sorry for the delay I’ve been MIA lately. I found some amazing Hello Kitty Milkshake recipes on the web by some really talented and creative bloggers, so I wanted to showcase some of them here on and of course, I will be sharing the lovely creations on Instagram! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 


This over the top Ultimate Milkshake by Bento Monsters is perfection! Check out their blog for more kawaii and Hello Kitty inspired recipes! I am a huge fan personally and am happy to share the love! Who wouldn’t love a donut on top of their milkshake?! 



Author Unknown – Please tell me when and where I can have such a sweet and adorable milkshake!!


Courtesy of Rebloggy – I have the same candy mold and want to recreate a milkshake like this so badly now! It would be a wonderful treat for my children and of course, I’d share it on this awesome Hello Kitty Food blog! 


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