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Hello Kitty Mermaid Dessert Ideas

Eat Hello Kitty Mermaid Pool cake

    Hello Kitty Mermaid Pool Cake

The Mermaid series from Hello Kitty is one of my absolute favorites (nerdy Hello Kitty comes first). I have thrown a couple of Hello Kitty birthday parties in the past, but a Mermaid Hello Kitty themed party would be so much fun! The color schemes are endless and so is the inspiration. So I hope you take some of these cute ideas and find a bit of inspiration for your themed party. I love this little wading pool cake featured above! You could also create star fishy cookies and cupcakes to go along with it.

Hello Kitty Mermaid Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty Mermaid Sheet Cake 

This sheet cake is super adorable and I love the iridescent colors which would make for such a super cute and classic touch! This was my favorite Hello Kitty Mermaid sheet cake I found.


Eat Hello Kitty Mermaid Cookies

Hello Kitty Mermaid Cookies with Royal Icing 

Sugar cookies are for sure an easy way to take a little stress off of your party prep since the dough can be made well in advanced and kept tight in the freezer. Simply shape into the form of a disc, wrap in cling wrap and place in a zip tight bag. The dough is good for up to 3 months which gives you plenty of time to find more creative inspiration for your Hello Kitty Mermaid party! Royal icing is pretty easy to make too! 

Hello Kitty Mermaid Cake Topper Chocolate Chipmunk

Hello Kitty Mermaid Cake Topper

I came across this adorable and impressive Hello Kitty Mermaid Cake Topper by Chocolate Chipmunk. Please stop by her website and see her gallery! I’m an instant fan and happy I came across her work. I love the luster finish on Hello Kitty’s tale and the lilac shade is super cute! I’d definitely be happy if I received such a cake on my birthday! ^_^

I hope you enjoy some of these recipes and creations by some of the best I’ve found on the web, and send a little love to the bakers who deserve all the credit and glory for your Hello Kitty Mermaid Dessert inspiration!



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