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Hello Kitty Marshmallow Decorating Ideas

I remember for my own daughter’s 4th and 7th birthdays, we made Hello Kitty themed marshmallows! So I though it would be nice to share some other amazing ideas from the internet to give you a really simple and adorable party idea. Hello Kitty marshmallows are a fantastic last minute decorating idea, they’re very affordable to make and can double as decor. With a few simple ingredients, you can make some fantastic cuties for your next get together. I hope you like some of the ones we’ve found and may they inspire some easy creativity! 

Party City Hello Kitty

                                                                                                             Photo Credit: Party City

Hello Kitty Marshmallow Stack



Hello Kitty Marshmallow Cake

                                                         This Hello Kitty Marshmallow Cake by Make Fabulous Cakes is so simple and beautiful! 

Hello Kitty Marshmallow pink latte

                                                                                                      Photo Credit: Cafe At Home



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