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Hello Kitty Limited Edition Green Tea in a Can?!

Hello Kitty Limited Edition Green Tea in a Can?!

Hey Fam! 

I was at my local Safeway grocery store this past week and found myself lurking through the sushi section hoping to find my favorite canned green tea. To my surprise, I found this extra adorable Hello Kitty Green Tea by AFC Franchise. Unfortunately it’s a limited edition but I am super hoping the company would consider a permanent sale. 

I bought the rest of the teas they had since it was late at night and I figured they’d restock in the morning. Plus there wren’t that many as you can see in the photo. 

The tea itself was pleasant and tasted exactly like traditional green tea. I’m not sure if it’s sold in other grocer stores in your area, but it’s worth keeping in mind the next time you’re shopping! 

I wanted to share this super cute find with you all. I took this photo specifically for the Eat Hello Kitty Instagram page but decided to share a post on here too! I wanted to also thank everyone for the support on Instagram!

This blog was my daughter and son’s idea and they contribute a lot of ideas. It’s our family project and hobby and to see so many people already supporting it has been really rewarding for us! Thank you! 

QUICK UPDATE: I will be posting more of my very own Hello Kitty recipes on this blog along with curations from other amazing bloggers and fun finds like this green tea! They will be archived in the My Recipe section of this website. 

We will also be updating our Eat Hello Kitty e-shop and featuring some cute merch inspired by EatHelloKitty! Thank you for all the love and support and stay tuned! 

Enjoy your day, 


6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Limited Edition Green Tea in a Can?!

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  2. Instead of commenting how you can make your blog this or that….blah blah blah, i’m going to say it’s a great idea you have going here with your kids! I too found hello kitty tea at our local grocery store (festival foods in wisconsin) and bought some for my hello kitty tea loving 2 year old. She went crazy for the stuff. I was sad to see they didn’t have much of the other kitty themed anniversary stuff from AFC like the soy sauce or the kitty shaped sushi boxes. Just the chopsticks and the tea, but still i’ll take something over nothing!

    1. Hi Staci!

      Oh I know. I wanted to see more Hello Kitty goodies from AFC as well! Maybe even a few bows on the sushi rolls? haha! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by ^_^

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