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Eat Hello Kitty Food Finds: Kikkoman Soy Sauce

Eat Hello Kitty Food Finds: Kikkoman Soy Sauce

I came across this limited edition Hello Kitty Soy Sauce by Kikkoman online and had to get it! I was too swooned by the adorable packaging and that thought of forever having a super cute Hello Kitty soy sauce container made me for like myself.

The bottle itself is super adorable and label is secure, doesn’t seem like it would scratch off easily, plus it’s not a sticker. Best of all, it’s reusable! This Hello Kitty Soy Sauce is $9.94 on Amazon, but you could easily refill this bottle and keep it forever in your pantry.

Please be aware that there are sellers on Amazon who are trying to sell this exact bottle for about $60.00 USD which is ridiculous and unfair. I was able to find it easily for a low price and it shipped within two days since I do have Amazon Prime.

Eat Hello Kitty Food Finds: Kikkoman Soy Sauce

I hope you enjoy this Hello Kitty Food Find as much as I do! Thought I’d share on here. My daughter had a great idea of sharing Hello Kitty snacks on this blog since we do have a lot here in the city we live in as we frequent a few Asian super markets and Japanese grocers + specialty stores. I’d love to share fun Hello Kitty food related items we pick up and let everyone know where they can find them too! If it’s something local, I’ll try to find it online as well so others can purchase and enjoy it.

It has been such a fun journey finding Hello Kitty foodie items for everyone to enjoy and it’s something I look forward to whenever I’m out shopping. I’m really happy everyone has been enjoying the little series too! Be sure to follow Eat Hello Kitty on Instagram for more yummy updates, recipes and Hello Kitty finds! 


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