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Hello Kitty Cafe Petite Fours Review


Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you the Hello Kitty Petite Fours I received from the Hello Kitty Cafe Food Truck recently in Sacramento, CA. I’ve had a few people ask me on Instagram what flavors these petite fours are. So, I thought I’d go into a detail on what they’re actually made out of, their flavors and… if they’re actually good! 

The Hello Kitty Cafe Petite Fours come in a pack of four and the cost is $15.00 USD. The cakes themselves are pretty adorable and covered in white chocolate. I heard people at the event suggesting they were covered in fondant, but it’s not fondant.  Just like with the other Hello Kitty Cafe confections, there was no nutritional information or ingredients listed on the package, which in my opinion is very important for health and safety reasons. 



Hello Kitty Petite Four Flavors: 

heart-favicon-kscHello Kitty Red: Strawberry

heart-favicon-kscHello Kitty Blue: Vanilla

heart-favicon-ksc3 Apples: Lemon

heart-favicon-kscBlue with Bow: Raspberry 


The cakes themselves tasted okay. I’d say my favorite was the raspberry despite raspberry not being my favorite flavor, if that makes sense. The cakes were very moist but a little dense and undercooked tasting, almost like a bad cake pop. However, the white chocolate coating and overall aesthetic were very pleasing and the experience of tasting each one with my children was memorable, and that’s what’s most important to me! 


Stay tuned for more Hello Kitty Cafe food reviews and if you missed the Hello Kitty Cafe Macaron post, please check that out too! Have you ever visited a Hello Kitty cafe? If so, what was your experience like and if not, would you want to? 



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