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Hello Kitty Cafe Macaron Flavors and Review

Hello Kitty Cafe Macaron Flavors and Review

Hey Everyone! 

Eat Hello Kitty recently went on a culinary adventure to the Hello Kitty Cafe food truck here in California. It was so wonderful to get to try EVERYTHING on the menu! This post is dedicated to the coveted Hello Kitty Cafe Macaron! 

Hello Kitty Cafe Macaron Flavors and Review

The Hello Kitty Cafe macarons come in a pack of five: Four adorning Hello Kitty’s iconic bow made of white chocolate (or white chocolate flavored candy melts as they tasted like) and one Little Twin Star Character. the macarons were all in tact and they were almost too cute to taste! We had so much fun trying each flavor with much anticipation and curiosity. 

Hello Kitty Cafe Macaron Flavors:

heart-favicon-kscLittle Twin Star: Vanilla Bean

heart-favicon-kscBlue: Chocolate 

heart-favicon-kscRed: Raspberry Jam

heart-favicon-kscOrange: Tangerine 

heart-favicon-kscGreen: Pistachio 


Hello Kitty Cafe Macaron Flavors and Review

The Hello Kitty Cafe Macarons are well packaged with high quality materials and detail. However, it does kind of bother me that there is absolutely no nutritional information regarding these confections (or any of the Hello Kitty Cafe treats). As a chef and as a mommy, it’s important to me that others are aware of potential allergens, especially since macarons consist of almond flour and eggs. Perhaps the amazing people at the Hello Kitty Cafe HQ could keep this in mind for the future. 

There also was no indication of what flavors the macarons were which was a bit disappointing. You can rely on my super awesome trained pallet though! YEA! 


Hello Kitty Cafe Macaron Flavors and Review

The macarons themselves were adorable, and properly prepared, proper ratio of filling, but the flavor and texture were a bit…diluted? The texture of a macaron should be delicately crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, but these seemed to taste a bit old. I’m sure it’s due to the mass production Hello Kitty Cafe is required to do. They weren’t horrible, but you could tell they weren’t as fresh as possible. It’s sort of inevitable though, but for $15.00 USD for a pack of 5 isn’t worth it in terms of taste. Experience? Yes. Taste? No. Sorry Hello Kitty Cafe. I love you still. 


Hello Kitty Cafe Macaron Flavors and Review

I will say my favorite was the tangerine macaron. Yep! That’s me, Amby. The author of this blog, Kawaii Beauty Review and my new re-launch of Amby Cakes. You won’t see my face often on here, but I’m a sucker for tangerines and Hello Kitty. 

Overall, my experience at the Hello Kitty Cafe was amazing and the staff was nothing but nice to me! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to try these treats along with others which I will be reviewing (coming soon). 

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it to be helpful. I do plan on visiting other Hello Kitty Cafe locations in the future and will be more than happy to share my experience on here. Stay tuned for Hello Kitty Cafe Cookies and Hello Kitty Cafe Petite Fours reviews, okay?



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