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Hello Kitty Burgers How to Make Them and Where to Find Them

Hey Hello Kitty Fans! 

I would LOVE a Hello Kitty burger right now! (Make mine a veggie burger please!) Here are some incredibly yummy, adorable and creative ideas for a kawaii Hello Kitty Burger. Could you imagine a Hello Kitty themed BBQ? How awesome would that be? Well, if you get inspired to throw one yourself, I hope you find a little creative insight from Eat Hello Kitty! 

Hello Kitty Rice Burger

                                  This Hello Kitty Rice and Veggie Burger on the right looks so adorable! I am definitely going to make these! The author’s web post was offline 505 error but @maysatchlin is on social media! 

Hello Kitty Hamburger

Photo Credit: Ameba


Hello Kitty Hamburger Yummy

Source Unknown

Hello Kitty Bento Burger

Photo Credit: Little Miss Bento (AMAZING blog!!) 

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