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Hello Kitty Brownie Parfait

Hello Kitty Brownie Parfait

Hey Hello Kitty Foodies! 

I am a HUGE fan of Kawaii Sweet World’s blog and YouTube channel! I wanted to share with you here amazing and super cute recipe for Hello Kitty Brownie Parfaits. I would love to get my hands on these adorable Hello Kitty Bow candy molds as well and make some parfaits myself. I happened to stumble upon Brownies For Days’ blog and saw it featured there. Be sure to give both bloggers some Hello Kitty love! 

This parfait looks extremely simple to make and would be perfect for a birthday party! You could even make them festive colors too for holiday events. Speaking of which, don’t forget to check out the Eat Hello Kitty Holiday Pop-Up Shop! We have a ton of ornaments, gifts and sweets to make your Hello Kitty holiday more festive! 




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