Hello Kitty Alcohol Where to Find It

Hey Hello Kitty Fans! 

I thought it would be nice to add some really interesting Hello Kitty alcoholic beverages for the adults who are children at heart. Please always drink responsibly, do not drink or drive, and keep in mind when buying foreign products that aren’t written in your native tongue to keep away from children. These Hello Kitty spirits look very appealing, colorful and fun and could be easily mistaken for a fun soda by little ones and other adults!! 

Hello Kitty Beer is a popular product in China, and there are a few places online who sell spirits. If you can’t find any in your area or available online, you could try printing your own labels for a themed adult party! 

Hello Kitty Wine Labels

                                                                                  Create Your Own  Hello Kitty Wine Labels: DionLabel

Hello Kitty Lychee Vodka

                                                                         Hello Kitty Lychee Vodka; Photo Source Unknown 

Hello Kitty Flavored Beer

                                                                                Hello Kitty Flavored Beer; Photo Credit: NYLON 



Hello Kitty Mariscal

                                                                                         Hello Kitty Mariscal Wine   Photo Credit: Cute Smile  




If you or someone you love suffers from addiction to alcohol, there are many amazing resources like the American Addiction Centers full of resources and a free hotline to speak to someone if you need to talk. 

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