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Friday Finds: Hello Kitty Strawberry Biscuits from Lolly & Pops

Hello Kitty Strawberry Biscuit

Hey Fam! 

I thought it would be great to start a new series; Friday Finds! Since I love sharing Hello Kitty products I stumble across, like my Hello Kitty Green Tea and Hello Kitty Green Tea Marshmallow posts, and I’ve received a lot of feedback on Instagram about these cool products so, I hope you enjoy!

Lolly & Pops Roseville Hello Kitty Candy

This week I visited a really lovely candy shop in Roseville, California called Lolli and Pops. They have candies from all over the world, plus handmade and gourmet sweets. They had a shelf dedicated to Hello Kitty candy at my location (check out their website to see if they have a store near you), so of course I had to pick some up to share with you. The staff at Lolly & Pops is super sweet and friendly, and everything is packaged in fancy boxes and bags. I will definitely be revisiting this shop in the near future and stock up on yummy treats for you! 

Hello Kitty Pocky Amazon


Hello Kitty Strawberry Biscuit $4.42 from Amazon 

The Hello Kitty Strawberry Biscuits I found are similar to pocky, but aren’t as artificial tasting. If you’ve ever tired a Strawberry KitKat, they’re very similar to them. I found them on Amazon as well if you’re unable to find them in your area! 


I hope you enjoyed this Hello Kitty find! What are some of your favorite Hello Kitty snacks? 

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