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Easy Hello Kitty Onigiri Skewers

Easy Hello Kitty Onigiri Skewers

Easy Hello Kitty Onigiri Skewers – Source

Hey Hello Kitty Foodies! I love these super adorable Hello Kitty Onigiri Skewers from Cookpad! They are extremely simple to make and are vegan friendly! Sushi rice is very sticky and easy to form into shapes. I even enjoy making lightly pan fried onigiri at times, and think this would be a really great recipe to incorporate that idea into. Just be sure to soak your bamboo skewers before adding them to direct heat to avoid them from burning! 

This recipe would be great for a picnic or a warm outdoor birthday party! I think it’s a fantastic idea and I’m glad it was brought to my attention again. What are your favorite Easy Hello Kitty recipes? Want to submit something? Contact Amby at and follow us on Instagram! Our page is growing so much in such a short period of time. Thank you fellow Hello Kitty Foodies!

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