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My Melody Macaroons

My Melody Macaroons

My Melody Macarons – Credit: Sanrio Luver Lane

Hey Hello Kitty Foodies!

This is the first Sanrio character post that isn’t Hello Kitty! I thought it would be great to start adding some of Hell Kitty’s friends so you guys can see some amazing Hello Kitty inspired treats like these My Melody Macarons by Sanrio Luver Lane. It’s been a while since we’ve added macaron submissions/finds onto the blog and these were too adorable to pass up!  I think these would be a perfect treat for a My Melody birthday party or even Valentine’s Day, which is coming up next month. These macarons are realy simple to make as well. I’ve made similar in the past and all it takes is a little bit of a steady hand. I love how My Melody has a different cute expression on each macaron too! 

I’ll be sure to post some Valentine’s inspired Sanrio treats onto Eat Hello Kitty for everyone to enjoy and hopefully gain a little inspiration. Oh, and I love your guy’s recreations of my and featured blogger’s creations so be sure to tag me, #AmbyCakes or #EatHelloKitty on Instagram! The page is growing so much because of your support and I love to help out fellow bloggers, and have made a few friends with fellow Hello Kitty foodies. 

Keep up the great work! 




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